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LOMO Anamorphic
Lens Rental

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The Legendary LOMOs

If you're looking for lenses to give your next shoot a unique, dreamy, cinematic film-era look, look no further. The only known set in Canada for rent!

The Lomo Anamorphics are Russian lenses that date back to the 1970’s. Lomos are well known in the business for exhibiting dreamy and unique anamorphic and optical effects. I call them the "impressionistic painters" of cinema and have filmed with these lenses many of my most successful projects including "The Story of Aisholpan" in Mongolia and the award-winning "Story of Pema" in Tibet. Please see video links below.

$600 / day

$3,000 / week


My set set contains 35mm, 50mm and 75mm lenses. All of them PL mount and ready to shoot - the first two with BAS mono-block conversion and the 75mm NAS (needs rods during shooting)

$600 / day

$3,000 / week

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