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 Limited Edition 

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No story has ever touched me as deeply as the plight of rhinos in my entire life, and this little baby represents the future of his entire species. I can only hope that my work as a documentary photographer will contribute to the preservation of these magnificent animals, and I cherish every moment spent with him in the deepest corners of my heart. If we can get enough people to notice, if enough people begin to realize the dire situation endangered animals face across the globe, I know we can come together to end issues like poaching and habitat destruction, and help communities all over the world co-exist with wild animals in peace and harmony. Places like Lewa Conservancy are shining beacons of hope who need our support in preserving the balance between nature and our ever-advancing civilization. Please visit if you'd like to be an active supporter of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, one of the last places on Earth where rhinos and other iconic animal species can thrive.

-Martin Buzora


LARGE: 8 of 8 60"x 45"(152cm x 114cm)

STANDARD: 12 of 12 45"x 33"(114cm x 84cm)


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