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 Limited Edition 

8 of 8


LARGE: 8 of 8 60"x 45"(152cm x 114cm)

STANDARD: 12 of 12 45"x 33"(114cm x 84cm)


One does not need to look beyond the affection of elephants to realize the intelligence underneath. I'd like to dedicate this image to all the men and women around the world who acknowledge that just because we have the power to destroy other species, does not give us the right. To all the people who recognize the sentience of animals and know that having dominion over them is a false, primitive and destructive way to view the world. And to all the human beings who appreciate our fellow creatures and work tirelessly to protect the millions of species we share Planet Earth with. We spend so much of our energy trying to find civilizations elsewhere in the universe, without realizing that the intelligent aliens we're looking for are right under our noses.

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