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Kitui only has a bump for a horn right now, but some day he will grow up and wield a great piercing weapon. His mother Mawingu suffers from blindness due to cataracts in her eyes and is therefore unfit to safely care for her little one. Thankfully the lovely staff at Lewa Conservancy know just how to care for little dinosaurs so they can grow up big and be re-introduced into the wild when the time comes. Until then, this little baby will be provided with everything he needs - milk, acacia leaves, more milk, and unlimited belly rubs. Did I mention more milk? Rhinos are complex, emotional mammals just like us. They crave social interaction, they need the safety of close bonds and they require love, warmth and attention. If the whole world understood how precious and incredible these animals were, we would not allow them to be slaughtered to extinction in our lifetime. 

-Martin Buzora



LARGE: 8 of 8 60"x 45"(152cm x 114cm)

STANDARD: 12 of 12 45"x 33"(114cm x 84cm)


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