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LARGE: 6 of 8 60"x 45"(152cm x 114cm)

STANDARD: 11 of 12 45"x 33"(114cm x 84cm)


This moment captures the gentle, peaceful nature of these prehistoric-looking animals who are struggling so much to find their place in the modern world. It is also an image of hope; for the bright and prosperous future of these mystical creatures - as well as our connection to the natural world. 

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has been home to many orphans of poaching over the years. Baby "Kitui" on the right was rescued from the wild; his mother had sadly lost her vision to old age and was no longer able to safely care for him. With so few black rhinos left in the world and so many natural perils lining a baby's path towards adulthood, the management of the conservancy could not afford the risk of this precious new baby to succumb to predators, so they decided to take on the several-year commitment to adopt him and raise him up in 24/7 safety to a fully-grown black rhinoceros.

He was carefully introduced to the older orphans, one of whom was black rhino Hope on the left. The instinctual tenderness with which the step-brothers treated Kitui was apparent from the beginning, and can be so beautifully seen in this one of a kind, rare moment caught on camera between two animals who are often misconstrued as brutal and destructive. The new baby brought with him a sense of childlike joy that the older rhinos had already outgrown, infusing the group dynamic with sunshine through his energetic displays of playfulness and mischief. 

-Martin Buzora

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