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I caught this rare moment one afternoon while accompanying a rhino keeper named Elias at Lewa Conservancy to get a glimpse into his daily routine caring for orphaned rhinos. We stopped by his quarters for no more than a minute when the curious baby wandered through an open door to see what was inside. Though it is extremely important to note that these rhinos are not kept inside as pets under any circumstances, I felt this image so beautifully represented our complex and inseparable relationship to animals.

"It takes a village to raise a child." This is certainly true for the incredible rhino keepers of Lewa, who take shifts 24/7 to feed, protect and teach the orphans on how to be rhinos. This responsibility requires the same level of commitment as a human child, but teaching the exact opposite set of skills: learning how to bathe in mud, running around, being alone in the bush, and sleeping during the day. Elias has been taking care of rhinos for 4 years. He would like to have his own children some day, but for now he's practicing parenting on Kitui. They spend hours together daily, playing, napping and exploring the bush together, and the bond they share will be imprinted on Kitui for the rest of his life. 

-Martin Buzora

 Limited Edition 

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LARGE: 8 of 8 60"x 45"(152cm x 114cm)

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