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 New Collection 


Imagine unearthing a box, and discovering images of extinct creatures from a time long gone. Captured here are dreamlike moments of Africa's most iconic wildlife that still exist today. This new Fine Art Collection is a celebration of their wondrous forms, and a love song to their gentle souls within. 

Join us in keeping their great African dream alive, and ensure these beautiful beings don't end up as archival photos like so many animals before them.


This collection features images taken during the filming of the documentary series "Kenya Wildlife Diaries".


The series is a behind-the-scenes look at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and the Northern Rangelands Trust's conservation work in Northern Kenya. These images capture moments that represent the inimitable spirit of Africa, with all its beautiful people and incredible wildlife.


The ancient tradition of hunting with eagles has been practiced in the mountains of Western Mongolia for centuries. These images was taken during the filming of "The Story of Aisholpan", a documentary profile of a brave, young Kazakh girl named Aisholpan who is now taking on her father's legacy.


Hers is a breathtaking story of empowerment and evolving tradition, set in the stunning, other-worldly landscapes of the Altai Mountains.

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